Photograph of some of the party with Bruce Brown

Good weather helped to make a successful Friends of Ilkley Moor moorland flower and plants walk. The ninth event in this years Events & Learning Programme, the walk led by Bruce Brown from the Wharfedale Naturalist Society, covered detailed information of flowers on the moor – lesser spearwort, marsh violet, heather, bilberry, crowberry and many more.

Ferns, Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, Shrubs and Mosses were also inspected. One of the more interesting was Sphagnum Moss which holds water 25 times it’s weight and helps to prevent flooding in the valleys. Also, historically, it was used in healing as an absorbent and antiseptic dressing.

Information about future events are available in the friends Events & Learning Programme which can be downloaded from this website or copies can be collected from the Information Office in the Town.

For further information contact Tracy Gray FOIM Project Officer 07854-447947

Photograph of some of the party with Bruce Brown from the Wharfedale Naturalist Society.

Photographs by Barry Wilkinson/Friends of Ilkley Moor.

NB. Landscape benefits of blanket bogs: storage of water and carbon: help with flood risk management in the lowlands by holding rain water; drainage of the uplands dries out the blanket bog habitat and causes water flows in the streams and rivers contributing to floods.

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