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    The Friends of Ilkley Moor Bluebell Walk

    The first of 30 of events from the Friends of Ilkley Moor 2015 programme took place on Sunday, May 10th. It was a guided walk through Middleton Woods to see the full glory of the early summer Bluebells – led by Tracy Gray and Barry Wilkinson from the FoIM.

    Walking along the eastern edges and then climbing up through the woodland, large swathes of bluebells were everywhere; it was a magnificent site to see. Such a palette of colours would have inspired artists to take out their paint brushes.

    Middleton woods is an area of semi-natural ancient woodland. It is a remnant of the woodland type Oak-Birch-Bluebell and Oak is still a dominant canopy tree with many large veteran oak trees. Other large canopy trees can be found there now, including sycamore, beech and larch. Shrubs include holly, elder, hazel and hawthorn.

    Whilst the main plant carpeting the wood was Bluebell, the group also saw wood anenomes, wood sorrel, dog’s mercury and lily-of-the-valley. And by the streams and within the wetter areas, patches of bog-stitchwort, wild garlic, lesser celandine and opposite, leaved golden-saxifrage.

    As well as admiring the Bluebells the group learned about the names of the trees and other plant species found there; some of the past uses of the plants; woodland management and the ecology of woodlands.

    Everyone had a great time on the event and looked forward to attending more events from this year’s Events and Learning Programme.

    The events programme and heritage walks can be downloaded from the FOIM website www.ilkleymoor.org or collected from Ilkley Information Centre and shops and cafes in the Town.

    From Tracy Gray FOIM Project Officer.

    For further information contact Tracy Gray FOIM Project Officer on 07780535860

  • Events Programme – May 2015

    Members are encouraged to participate in these Events & bring along friends and family.

    The Birds of Ilkley Moor, Sunday, 31st May. A guided walk to discover the birds of Ilkley Moor. Ilkley Moor forms part of the South Pennine Moors Special Protection Area (SPA) designated under the European Union Bird's Directive for its internationally important bird habitats. It is a great place to discover birds; particularly upland waders, which use the moor to nest and raise their young. A moderate walk of 4 miles, some up-hill walking involved. Conservation issues and habitat management for birds will also be discussed.

    9am - 11am. Leader The Wharfedale Naturalist Society. Meeting Point and Parking:- Darwin Gardens car park. Equipment Please bring binoculars if you have them. Booking Not needed. Dogs Welcome on leads.

    Heritage walk: Across Crawshaw Moss and Neolithic Sites, Saturday, June 6th A 4 mile walk starting on the lower slopes and gradually climbing to the Twelve Apostles standing stones; continuing to the Trig Point at 1,281 feet: the highest point on Ilkley Moor; and returning down Keighley Road. A strenuous walk of 3 hours, with uphill climbing. This walk uses rough moorland tracks and crosses boggy terrain.
    Saturday, 6th June, 2pm - 5pm. Leader Barry Wilkinson and Tracy Gray, Friends of Ilkley Moor. Meeting Point and Parking - White Wells car park. Booking Not needed. Dogs Welcome on leads

    A Stroll on Ilkley Moor Sunday, June 7th. Discover the beauty and special heritage of Ilkley Moor. This walk is aimed at people new to walking; or people who just want a gentle stroll. An easy walk of 1.5 miles on flat, sometimes slightly sloping paths.Suitable for people with pushchairs and wheel-chairs.
    Sunday, 7th June, 2pm - 4pm. Leader Tracy Gray, FoIM Project Officer. Meeting Point and Parking - Darwin Gardens car park. Booking Not needed. Dogs Welcome on leads.

    Heathland Conservation Make a real difference by helping to control bracken on the lower slopes of Ilkley Moor. Controlling bracken will keep the access routes clear and open; and provide a beautiful display of the heathland flora in summer. Bracken is a highly successful and vigorous plant that can overtake areas of the moor. Learn why bracken control is carried out, which wildlife benefits from this and which areas this is undertaken in. You can also discover which species use bracken for food and shelter.
    All events 10am-12pm - meet at Darwin Gardens Car Park on:-
    Sunday, 7th June; Tuesday, 9th June; Saturday, 13th June *; Tuesday, 16th June; Tuesday, 23rd June; Sunday, 19th July **; Tuesday, 21st July; Tuesday, 18th August
    * except 13th June - meet Cow and Calf car park. ** except 19th July - 2pm - 4pm
    Leader Tracy Gray, Friends of Ilkley Moor. Booking Essential. Dogs Welcome on leads

    Heritage Walk: Cow and Calf Walk - Saturday, 13th JuneThis walk takes you from the popular parking place at the Cow & Calf Rocks to the quieter areas beyond. Discover the famous Cow and Calf Rocks, the geology of quarry faces, streams, a small gorge, a Cup and Ring Stone and Rocky Valley. This is a moderate walk of one hour, with lots of resting stops along the way, to make it a leisurely 2-hour walk, some uphill walking involved.
    Saturday, 13th June, 2pm - 4pm. Leader Barry Wilkinson and Tracy Gray, Friends of Ilkley Moor. Meeting Point and Parking - Cow and Calf quarry car park. Booking Not needed. Dogs Welcome on leads

    Lichens - Sunday, 14th June Discover the mysterious, fascinating and colourful world of lichens (dual organisms) and how they tell us about the health of the environment. Lichens are an extremely successful 'partnership' between a fungus and an alga. This walk is aimed at beginners and will not be identifying lichens at a species level. A moderate walk of two miles, with some uphill walking.

    Sunday, 14th June, 2pm - 4pm. Leader Tracy Gray, Friends of Ilkley Moor. Meeting Point and Parking - Darwin Gardens car park. Booking Not needed. Dogs Welcome on leads.


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  • The Management of Ilkley Moor

    The management of Ilkley Moor works to a plan and is not arbitrary. Management prescriptions are determined by the Joint Nature Conservation Council and enforced by Natural England (the government’s advisors on nature conservation in England). NE sends all SSSI owners and occupiers a statement of what the ideal management should be.

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  • Volunteer Days:

    Ilkley Moor Volunteer Days - help us to maintain a unique environment...

    Come along and help us maintain the unique ecological interest of the heathland. Our next volunteer day is Tuesday January 20th.

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