What we do

The Friends of Ilkley Moor (FoIM), founded in 2008, is an independent not for profit voluntary organisation. The Friends work closely with Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council and other partner organisations such as Natural England to preserve and improve understanding and awareness of the Moor. The aims of the Friends are:

To restore, protect and improve Ilkley Moor, for the benefit of the environment, all those who use Ilkley Moor and those who reside in the surrounding area.

  • To assist the Council in the care and maintenance of Ilkley Moor and its wildlife, flora and recreational use.
  • To notify the Council when any hazards or problems with the area become apparent.
  • To develop projects in partnership with, or with the knowledge of the Council.
  • To apply for grants independently or in conjunction with the Council to provide materials or labour to support projects for which the Council has insufficient funding, or for which the Council is unable to provide funding.
  • To liaise with local residents and other users of Ilkley Moor in order to represent their needs and ideas.
  • To encourage all groups making recreational use of Ilkley Moor to be represented on the group.
  • To encourage local schools and youth organisations to use Ilkley Moor constructively for pleasure and education.
  • To encourage appreciation of the ecology and history of Ilkley Moor.
  • To publicise the group’s activities locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in order to encourage people to take an active part in preserving and maintaining Ilkley Moor.
If you wish to receive a full copy of the FoIM constitution please contact the Secretary.