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A fun and practical filled event, organised by the Friends of Ilkley Moor, took place on March 22nd at the Wynches Outdoor Centre for Girl Guides. The educational event was organised for the Rotherham Brownies with the practical task of building a shelter using natural materials.

The Brownies learnt how to coppice wood from willow and hazel and how to use this to make a dome frame for the shelter, they then collected natural materials they could find in the landscape to use to thatch the shelter. It was the beginning of spring so there was less things growing but still the resourceful Brownies and the FoIM Project Officer found evergreen pine branches, rushes and straw to make the thatch with.

The task involved the young people also learning how to identify willow, hazel and pine trees, moss and rushes. The difference between deciduous and evergreen trees and how to use materials in their natural environment for practical things. Everyone had a great time on the event.

From Tracy Gray FOIM Project Officer.

For further information contact Tracy Gray FOIM Project Officer on 07780535860

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