Memorials Benches and Trees on the Moor

We have been asked for our opinion on the subject of memorial benches and trees. The FoIM committee is strongly of the view that memorial benches and trees should only be allowed on the Moor where there is a previously identified need for a bench or a tree. In other words, if there is a particular location in which we feel a bench is needed (i.e. half way up a steep slope such as on Keighley Old Road up to Spicey Gill) then we should be happy for a memorial bench in that location. Similarly, if there is a place where a standard tree would be appropriate, then we would be happy for that to be a memorial tree. But it is the need for a bench or tree that must be established first.

We are also concerned about private memorials. We favour their immediate removal (there have been a few instances of private memorials being erected on the Moor). Another matter of concern is the leaving of bunches of flowers (usually in non-biodegradable wrappings) at sites where ashes have been scattered, or tied to memorial benches or trees. We favour the immediate removal of anything of that sort. The Moor is a public space open to all. It can never be regarded as a suitable place for private memorials. Sadly, bereaved relatives do not always appreciate that their bunch of flowers, wrapped in plastic, will soon die and will constitute unsightly litter.